lake superior type banded iron formation

Tiger Iron, a quite distinct Banded Iron Formation with ...

Thanks! And that's one of the characteristic features of this type of BIF (so-called "Lake superior type"), at least the Brockman formation (from which this tiger iron is mined); the layers are continuous for hundreds of meters (possibly thousands), a strong sign that they formed in large, shallow basins (as opposed to some other form of deposition that would result in less continuous layering).

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In some areas of the Ironwood Formation there are abundant layers of quartz, constituting a rock that is commonly referred to as banded iron formation, or BIF. These areas don't have the same potential economic value as the layers of taconite, the term for a low-grade ore rock rich enough in iron minerals like magnetite to make it worthwhile ...

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Erratics are large boulders that are carried far form their source by glacial movement. These typical features of the Lake Superior region are a legacy of its glacial past. Back To Top . Climate. The average temperature for Lake Superior is 4 degrees Celsuis. The lake moderates the temperature, making the winters warmer and the summers cooler.

Geology of the Biwabik Iron Formation and Duluth Complex ...

Taconite mines of the Mesabi Iron Range are developed in the Biwabik Iron Formation, which is the type example of Lake Superior-type banded iron-formation. Banded iron-formations are a type of chemical sedimentary rock composed of alternating granular ("cherty") and laminated ("slaty") layers that were deposited in nearshore marine ...

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The Iron Quadrangle (Portuguese: Quadrilátero Ferrífero) is a mineral-rich region covering about 7,000 square kilometres (2,700 sq mi) in the central-southern part of the Brazilian state Minas Gerais.The area is known for its extensive deposits of gold, diamonds, and iron ore, being the source of approximately 40% of all gold produced in Brazil between the years 1500 and 2000.

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Both algoma-type and superior type BIFs are found in the Great Lake states. only the Vermillian iron range is of algoma-type all other iron range in the region are the younger Superior-type BIFs. Superior type BIFs are 30-700m thick and deposited over 10s to 1000s of km2 in shallow marine basins adjacent to the continental edge at that time period.

Spectral properties of Lake Superior banded iron formation ...

Lake Superior Type (LST) banded iron formation (BIF) was investigated as a spectral and possible process analog to these deposits. In northern Michigan, LST BIF formed in a sedimentary, continental shelf or shallow basin environment under stable tectonic conditions, and the oxide facies contains gray, crystalline hematite.

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Other articles where Lake Superior-type banded-iron formation deposit is discussed: mineral deposit: Iron deposits: …Lake Superior and are called Lake Superior-type deposits. Their individual sediment layers can be as thin as 0.5 millimetre (0.02 inch) or as thick as 2.5 centimetres (1 inch), but the alternation of a siliceous band and an iron mineral band is invariable.

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Lake Superior-type banded iron formations were chemically precipitated on marine continental shelves and in shallow basins. They are commonly interlayered with other sedimentary or volcanic rocks such as shale and tuff. Most Lake Superior-type banded iron formations formed during the Paleoproterozoic, between 2.5 and 1.8 billion years ago.

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Commodities (Major) - Iron Deposit Type: Banded Iron-Rich Sedimentary Deposits Development Status: Past Producer Deposit Model: 241: Superior Fe (BC name is Lake Superior & Rapitan types iron-formation)

Lake Superior Type Banded Iron Formations as an Analog to Mars

Lake Superior Type Banded Iron Formations as an Analog to Mars: Authors: ... The Lake Superior type BIF deposits in the upper peninsula of Michigan are not associated with extrusive volcanic materials and are therefore interpreted as chemical precipitates of iron-rich waters in a shallow sea (James, 1954). ... (3km x 6km) TES spectra. The iron ...


SPECTRAL AND GEOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF LAKE SUPERIOR TYPE BANDED IRON FORMATION: ANALOG TO THE MARTIAN HEMATITE OUTCROPS. Alicia Fallacaro1 and Wendy M. Calvin1, 1University of Nevada, Reno. Introduction: The Thermal Emission Spectrome- ter (TES) onboard Mars Global Surveyor discovered

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Age distributions of Rapitan/Clinton iron-formations, Algoma and Superior type banded iron-formations, volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, vein-type Au–U deposits, and quartz-pebble conglomerate-type Au–U deposits. Data from Meyer (1985), Kimberley (1989), Barley and Groves (1992), and Ohmoto (1996a).

Lake Superior-type iron formation:

Lake Superior-type iron formation: Iron formations which formed during Middle Precambrian time (about 2,000 million years ago) and were first described in the Lake Superior region. The type is characterized by interlayers (bands) of iron minerals and chert (quartz).

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By far the most important type of banded iron formations formed during the Paleoproterozoic (Superior-type, named after lake Superior). They formed on stable continental shelves. Superior-type deposits are large in dimensions (more than 100 meters in thickness and over 100 km in lateral extent).

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Major geologic features encountered on the field trip include: Archean granulites and migmatites, Archean greenstone belts, Banded Iron formations, the Keweenawan Rift, The Duluth Layered Complex, and the Lake Superior basin. What follows are notes and images from our department's field trip. By definition they are a bit hodge-podge in character.

The Joffre banded iron formation, Hamersley Group, …

Banded iron formations (BIF) are iron-rich (15–40wt.% Fe2O3) ... atively uncommon but has been observed in Superior-type BIF in the Lake Superior region, Canada (Van Hise and Leith, 1911), in the Kuruman Iron Formation, South Africa (Beukes, 1973) and

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The most positive δ53Cr values occur in the open-shelf, Lake Superior type BIF, especially those of Ediacaran age. ... tion of Rapitan type banded iron formation (BIF) during glacial retreat ...

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Lake Superior-type banded iron formations were chemically precipitated on marine continental shelves and in shallow basins. They are commonly interlayered with other sedimentary or volcanic rocks such as shale and tuff. Most Lake Superior-type banded iron formations formed during the Paleoproterozoic, between 2.5 and 1.8 billion years ago.

lake superior type banded iron formation

Dec 17, 2016· 21 billion year old rock showing banded iron formation Banded, end of Lake Superior Banded-iron formations are iron, Banded iron formation, a type …

Spectral Properties of Lake Superior Banded Iron Formation ...

The major iron-formations in the Menominee, Marquette, Gogebic, Mesabi, and Gunflint districts of the Lake Superior region are at least approximately correlative, with a probable age of about 2 b ...

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T/F The Gowganda Formation, a rock unit, is notable because of its surface magma that cooled and solidified to form ultramafic rocks F T/F Banded iron deposits are important because of their mineral resources that reflect the build-up of sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere to oxidize iron

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Other articles where Algoma-type banded-iron formation deposit is discussed: mineral deposit: Iron deposits: …of BIF, known as an Algoma type, formed over a much wider time range than the Lake Superior type (from 3.8 billion to a few hundred million years ago). Algoma-type BIFs are also finely layered intercalations of silica and an iron mineral, generally hematite or magnetite, but the ...

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The iron- formation in the Yavapai Series of central Arizona was metamorphosed between 1,820 and 1,760 m.y. ago and may be coeval with those of the Lake Superior region. The iron-formation in the lower part of the Damara Super-group of South West Africa …

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The Lake Superior-type Cauê banded-iron Formation lies on Caraça metasediments. The Cauê Formation is a carbonate sequence of the Gandarela Formation. Lying locally unconformably on the Gandarela Formation, the Piracicaba Group comprises a thick pile of shallow-water and deltaic strata.

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Mar 27, 2012· Banded iron is the main source of iron ore on Earth. Globally the bulk of the Lake Superior-type banded iron was chemically precipitated from the sea between 1.8 Byr to 2.5 Byr.

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Lake Superior-type banded iron formation is a distinctive sedimentary rock with very laterally continuous layers of iron minerals alternating with silica (chert) deposits. Probably deposited on a shallow stable continental shelf within a narrow time range of precipitation (2.7-1.8 billion years ago).

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Las formaciones de hierro bandeado (BIF, Banded Iron Formation) son rocas sedimentarias que contienen al menos un 15% de hierro (Fe), [1] y presentan una estructura formada por bandas, estando unas compuestas por el hierro, y las otras por sílex. [2] El hierro suele aparecer en forma de óxidos, normalmente magnetita (Fe 3 O 4) y hematita (Fe 2 O 3). [3]

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