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At Quality Thin Sections we pride ourselves on delivering high quality thin section, polished sections and affordable lab work all within your timetable. whether its lab work for geologists, students, archaeologists, or soil scientists we can provide your petrography needs As you look through the site please note that we keep our pricing and turnaround times easy to understand and straight ...

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I try to add roughly 30-50 new thin sections every year, so look for this collection to grow. Unlike some other collections of thin section images on the web, there are few rock types represented here that would likely be covered in an "intro to petrology" course.

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Oct 27, 2015· It is a matter of debate. No doubt, both of them fill the interstitial spaces in a clastic sedimentary rock. While, the cement is authigenic (formed during sedimentation by precipitation or recrystallization), matrix can be both detrital or authig...

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as it becomes so thin. A few swipes on the lap can turn an almost-done into half-ruined. A hard, quartz-rich rock like granite or gneiss will take longer than a softer sedimentary or metamorphic rock. I mostly make thin sections of basalt, which is the dark gray type of lava. It is fine-grained

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Rock Thin Sections (Petrographic Thin Section Preparation) In optical mineralogy and petrography, a thin section is a laboratory preparation of a rock, mineral, soil, pottery, bones, even metal sample for use with a polarizing petrographic microscope, electron microscope and electron microprobe.

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12/06/2020 9:00 AM 12/06/2020 4:00 PM 11 Short Course: Rock Properties Modeling from 2-D Images: Making the Most of Thin Section Image Data Any complete core analysis program should include companion thin sections for all core plugs on which measurements have been made. This course will describe the use of multimodal thin section imaging and image analysis to make quantitative …

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Dec 10, 2009· A brief look at how a rocks are prepared for examination under the microscope on Expedition 317 of the JOIDES Resolution.

2.4 Procedure: How to Make a Thin Section | Analytical ...

2.4 Procedure: How to make a thin section. The general procedure for creating thin sections has remained nearly the same since the modern version was created nearly 200 years ago. In this module, we review two examples of modern thin section making procedures.


Geosec specialises in the production and supply of thin section microscope slides used as one of the two main methods of rock classification (the other being chemical analysis). Viewing thin section slides enables the geologist to identify the constituent minerals and textures of the rock. This, with information gathered from the site of collection, provides evidence of its chemical ...


PREPARATION OF ROCK THIN SECTIONS 1185 describes the procedures involved in making thin sections of ordinary, firm, non-friable materials as well as clays, coals, gypsum, water-soluble minerals, and minerals decomposed by water. The preparation of thin sections, which was described by Sorby (1882)' was well developed by 1860.

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General info All work is handles with great delicacy without sacing quality, regardless of your turn around time. If you need an order within 1-2 days, please call us ahead of time. Stains are applied to the whole section unless requested otherwise. When shipping your materials, please include the following information. Turnaround timeRequire payments in…


I then embarked on a thin section exploration of many fossils and fossiliferous rocks. I have made sections of bones from the Devonian through the Pliocene and teeth as well. This technique lends itself well to making good use of bone chips and fragments, particularly if the parent creature is known.


I then embarked on a thin section exploration of many fossils and fossiliferous rocks. I have made sections of bones from the Devonian through the Pliocene and teeth as well. This technique lends itself well to making good use of bone chips and fragments, particularly if the parent creature is known.

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Apr 29, 2015· Unless it is the rock salt they put on roads. I did manage to find some rocks in my landscaping supplies for my model buildings. The rocks were also just the right size for a first attempt. See photo 1. Making thin section slides, according to the articles on the web, requires patience and a very flat work surface.

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Apr 13, 2016· Took the opportunity to film the process on how to make a thin section during my internship in Bandung. song by Arcade Fire - Dimension.

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Thin sections have three useful properties: 1. You can see inside the individual crystals. 2. Thin sections are a standardized size, designed to fit all kinds of analysis machines. 3. We can learn a lot about rocks by studying how they reflect lig...

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Unit Cost: Up to 3×1″ 3×2″ 25x Mosaic Photomicrograph (Composed of Approx. 50 Images for 46×27 mm / 150 images for 3×2″): $14.00: $25.00 * 50x Mosaic Photomicrograph (Composed of Approx. 250 Images for 46×27 mm / 550 for 3×2″): $17.50: $32.00 * 100x Mosaic Photomicrograph (Composed of Approx. 1,000 Images for 46×27 mm / 2,500 for 3×2″): $35.00: $64.00

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National Petrographic Service is a full-service petrographic laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology that offers accurate thin section preparation and analysis. We also offer palynology, geochemistry, and concrete services.

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Nov 02, 2012· Making an ugly rock beautiful. Today I stumbled upon the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Lunar Sample Atlas, and was reminded of how much I love petrographic thin sections. They can make unassuming, cruddy looking rocks beautiful. Consider a rock taken almost at random. This is Apollo 11 rock sample 10062. It's small, barely more than 3 ...

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We believe all thin sections should be works of art, not just slices of rock slapped onto slides. Works of art require talent, patience, and -- above all -- time. We have the talent and patience -- and take time -- to insure our thin sections are the best. We simply will not churn out hastily-prepared, inferior slides.

2.5 Equipment: Thin Section Preparation | Analytical ...

Keeping track of your samples is very important. It can be difficult to determine the origin of a thin section unless you properly label the rock chip or blank, as well as the thin section, during the thin section making process. Watch these videos about labeling: AMiGEO (5/19/2017) Thin Sections: Labeling Rock Blanks.

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Thin section facilities at other schools will probably have somewhat different equipment, supplies, and rules, but these instructions will be largely correct in anywhere. Making thin sections is both an art and a science. We have sufficient equipment so that the art aspects are relatively minor, but every rock is different and technique can best be

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Seeing Through Rock. The crew aboard Expedition 376 are the first to shine a light on cores retrieved from an active submarine volcano. But if we really want to know what's inside these rocks, we need to shine a light through them. To achieve this, we prepare thin sections.. A thin-section is a slice of rock 30 microns thick.


Apr 20, 2018· After our first field trip, we were given an assignment for Mineralogy and Petrography course to prepare a thin section from the hand specimen we collected and observe it under petrographic ...

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Thickness Standards. Spectrum Petrographics created four sets of thin section standards for this project based upon an idea found in Allman and Lawrence (1972). Each rock was finished to a different thickness: 90, 60, 40, and 30 micrometers.

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Whether crafting polished thin sections, polished rocks for display at conferences, or simply volunteering their rock saw to help deal with stubborn boulders, Precision Petrographics has always come through for my team and I in an exceptional manner.

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Petrographic analysis of thin sections made from rocks within the productive interval of an oil or gas field provides unique information regarding reservoir quality, reservoir homogeneity, and in some cases, the potential for formation damage that can be caused by completion and/or stimulation procedures.

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A thin section is a 30 µm (= 0.03 mm) thick slice of rock attached to a glass slide with epoxy. Typical thin section slides are 26 mm x 46 mm, although larger ones can be produced. They are generally covered by another glass slide, a cover slip also attached to the rock with epoxy.

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